Netanya's Central Charity and Charity Enterprise

NETINA Association was established in 2000 and has achieved a

significant development from that time. Along with their volunteers, who are part of the “NETINA Family”, the Association is experiencing a wide expansion!

Volunteering at NETINA may vary in functions according to the activity: donation / collecting food stuffs; donation / collecting home electric appliances; events planning; return to work program; donation / funds rising and more…

If you wish to take an active part in this welfare action, please contact us, we’ll be more than happy to attend your request.

If you want to be a partner in this amazing action: contact us

Food Baskets

Some 900 families are supported by the Netina Foundation (Association). They receive an appropriately respectable food basket every month as well as any other needed assistance. The Netina Foundation (Association) helps everyone alike, and all this with the full cooperation of the Netanya Municipality. It is no mere chance that the Foundation has been awarded on two occasions the Certificate for Outstanding Volunteers!


Eye examination and spectacles

NETINA, in cooperation with Re-Specs Association, organize twice a month a full day dedicated to eye examination by a certified optometrist and offer a wide range of high quality spectacles at discount price for the needy. This service is available for all: children, adults and elder people. 

Dental care

For several families, elder people, single parent families, people without any income, needless to say that dental care is a critical issue. They cannot afford a visit at the dentist’s clinic as the huge costs of dental care are not covered by regular health insurance. NETINA is really concerned with dental health, therefore, in cooperation with LOTUS dental health clinic in Netanya, and the Faculty of Dental Health of the University of Tel-Aviv, all the needy families and their children benefit of dental health care protocols at accessible prices.

New clothes and shoes for all the family

A lot of families apply to NETINA as they need clothes and shoes, specifically for their children who grow up and frequently need to change their entire wardrobe. Unfortunately, these parents cannot afford shopping in the regular shops and chain stores. On one hand, there are a lot of businesses who have stocks of unsold clothes and shoes in a very good condition, on the other hand there are a lot of people who need these clothes and shoes, and this is the “raison d’être” of NETINA: creating a linking platform between the offer and the demand. 

NETINA proposes these clothes and shoes at discount price, for all the family, for all season, all sizes, all styles… for men or women, children and new-born babies. These clothes may come from renowned designers, in a very good condition (new) and given to NETINA as a donation by businesses which receive a formal receipt for the value of the donation. The money made from the sale of these clothes is also used to purchase foods for the food bank to prepare the food baskets for the needy.

Win-Win situation: the businesses which donate the goods, the families who buy the clothes and shoes, and the families who will receive their monthly foods basket!

Elder persons and Shoa survivors

it’s heart breaking to see elder people or Shoa’s survivors living in appalling poverty condition, in scarcity. One could hope that, while they are now so weak due to the terrible experience of their life, and their age, they could live a happy end of life, but the reality of their life is cruelly different. NETINA, in cooperation with the Organization LATET, try to alleviate their pain and comfort them, as they really deserve a better, respectable life. 

NETINA organizes a special delivery of upgraded food baskets, adapted to their special needs, once a month. Taking into account their special needs and their weakness, NETINA delivers special seasonal packs, e.g. in winter, blankets and radiators and in summer: fans.