About Natina Association

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Giving – a voluntary organization that operates without profit intentions.
Partners in our actions are many volunteers from the city and beyond who work voluntarily and with love in order to help and assist the many in need.

What does the organization do?

“Giving” was established in 2000 and since then has been continuously working to promote the city’s weak and underprivileged residents. Among our prominent projects is the promotion of youth from the probation service, dental treatments at affordable prices, eye exams and eyeglasses at a nominal cost, placing people supported in the workforce and more…
In addition, the association helps in obtaining furniture and electrical products for the poor and those in need, satchels, blankets, costumes for Purim and other diverse areas.

our vision:

To assist and help everyone regardless of religion and race, in food products, purchasing clothes, electrical products, blankets and means of heating in the winter.

Here those in need find a listening ear and a big heart to help and give a envelope of help and rescue.

Economically managed:

The organization operates according to the law and with full financial transparency, the association has approval regarding donations according to section 46 of the ordinance.

For the third time, the mayor awarded the outstanding volunteer